Hello there,

Long time no speak! How’s everyone been doing? I’ve been a little busy but we’re trucking along slowly.

I’ve actually planned a lot today. Rather, I’ve been looking things up and getting more knowledge on the things that are a definite must when I go.

For example, did you know you can’t use a foreign (non-Japanese) debit card to book Disney tickets on their website? I didn’t until I looked into it today.

I also found out today that they have a rail line that runs between Disney Parks in Tokyo, it has 4 stations (going to the hotels too) and each station has it’s own medal you can buy. You can bet your bottom dollar I’m going to all 4 to collect them (a bit like Pokemon but with medals. Gotta collect them all *wink*)

Speaking of Pokemon, my friend and I are actually in Tokyo at the same time, so we’ve decided to meet up to go to the Pokemon Cafe together (with her daughter). I’m so looking forward to it! I’m in charge of making the reservation, so I hope I can get it for us. I’m trying to suss out how the reservations are released so I can pounce as soon as they’re out. It’ll be around Halloween too, so hopefully they’ll have some halloween merch there.

I’ve also been thinking about doing TeamLab Borderless, I’ve been told it’s absolutely amazing. And obviously I’ve got to do the Skytree and Ghibli Museum. Not quite sure what else to do, not that there’s a shortage of things to do in Tokyo. There’s a lot of theme parks coming up when I’m searching and I’m not sure I want to exclusively do theme parks when I’m out there.

Of course there’ll be a few shopping days there too. It wouldn’t be a trip without a few shopping days.

My flights are getting cheaper at the moment too, so hopefully I’ll be able to get them before long. Fingers crossed anyway.

Speak soon (I hope)
Sara 💙